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My Story - Why I Became a Personal Trainer 

At school I hated PE (I actually hated school, but that's a story for another day). I didn't like fitness, didn't see the point in it. Gradually over the years I'd joined various gyms, done various home workouts, quite a few different classes and a few Race for Life 5k's (walked). I never really knew what I was doing, I just wanted to keep the weight off.

In September 2016, my beautiful friend Kate invited me to go watch her do her first half marathon the Great North Run. The atmosphere there was absolutely amazing and at that point I decided I could walk this.

I entered the ballot thinking (and secretly hoping) I wouldn't get a place. So many people enter the race and are really disappointed, surely I couldn't get a place after one try?

Fast forward to 2017 and I had got a ballot place I was still dead set on walking the race but then I was told I'd need to run at least 3 miles because of the huge crowds at the beginning!

After months of attempting the occasional 5k I decided to find a running club to help me. I then found @northowrampumas I started my training with them in the June.

In September 2017 I completed my first Great North Run, and first half marathon in 2hr 25m 50s. .

After completing my first half marathon, I went back to Northowram Pumas and offered to start run leading. From there I ended up doing the British Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course. I recommended to the club that we should do a Couch to 5K as currently we didn't have much for beginners.

Fast forward to May 2018, I started my first 6 week Couch to 5K and by 23 June 2018, 14 amazing people completed their first Parkrun at Brighouse. Some of these people have become some of the bestest friends and some have since completed half or even full marathons!

In November 2018, over 30 people completed the clubs second Couch to 5K course.


After this I realised I LOVED seeing people progress. From, literally starting on the Couch for most People, to running a 5k in such a short time, all with my help gave me this happiness inside! I decided this was something I wanted to pursue further. So I signed up to a Personal Training course.

I signed up to a Personal Training course and chose to do it via distance learning. This means I do all my theory online, training by myself in the gym and go to a company for assessments. .

Over time, I found this didn't work for me. I was still working full time, in a job that was really stressful. So I decided to change to a full time course, and go sit in a class room. I changed this to be started in November 2019.


In August 2019 I ended up going off sick at my full time job with high anxiety and stress. I've always suffered with mental health problems but I've always been able to deal with it in my own way. After a month off, trying to help myself and awaiting counselling I was ready to go back. We'd also put in an offer on a new house. So everything was looking up! .

But, in September 2019 I had an even bigger set back. I fell causing multiple injuries to my head. I had a bleed on the brain, bruising to brain, a suspected aneurysm and a fracture down the side of my face and across my cheekbones. I couldn't hear out of one ear and I couldn't smell or taste (didn't realise this straight away, just thought hospital food was really bland) .


I was in so much pain with my injuries but I was very very lucky. Of the injuries I had, the bleed on the brain could've killed me. I was told 1 out of 3 people die, 1 out of 3 are heavily disabled, and 1 out of 3 are fine, that was me! I was OK and that's all that matters.

I ended up having 3 CT scans, two whilst in hospital. One when I was admitted, one a couple of days later as I couldn't stop being sick and one a week after being home. I was also told I'd get a follow up CT scan and appointments for ENT. .

For a fair few weeks I was in a lot of pain, when I walked I'd have to stop as I'd go dizzy and was afraid I'd fall over again. If I laid down a certain way, I'd go dizzy the room would spin and I couldn't sit or stand up. I was told I wasn't allowed to work, workout, gym or run and I wasn't allowed to drive, for possibly 6 months. I had to have a clear CT scan to determine whether I was allowed to drive again. I was told I needed to rest, I didnt like rest! I felt like I'd lost my independence, and not being able to taste or smell can really affect things too! 

A month or so later, I did use resistance bands at home, and also did some stretching. I felt like my posture was suffering due to me not being allowed to do anything. I made sure I didn't push myself as due to the suspect aneurysm they didn't want me to raise my heart rate at all. 

Fast forward to November 2019, I had to cancel my Personal Training course, but finally had my follow up appointments. ENT gave me my results about my hearing straight away, they said I had perfect hearing in both ears now. I still didn't have any taste or smell, but they said they couldn't help with that. It can just take time to come back, if not back within 6 months it probably won't. Also had my CT scan, where dye had to be injected to see if my arteries were working, I had to wait for these results. 

Just before Christmas 2019, I finally got my CT scan results. The scan showed everything was clear, no bruising, no bleed, and no aneurysm, which they previously thought was on the main artery going into my brain! I was so so HAPPY, I could finally start getting back to normal.


I went back to work straight away and also rebooked my Personal Training course for late January 2020 (I'd been studying non stop from the beginning). Work was still stressful, but I was on reduced hours so it was OK.


Then I went on annual leave to do my PT course. I passed with flying colours and got absolutely amazing feedback that I never expected. I'd previously been told I wasn't a people person, but the feedback here showed I was! I was told I was empathetic, was knowledgeable and the tutors words on one occasion were 'I don't trust many people with my mother, as I always want the best for her but I'd trust you with her!'. This will stick in my head forever. After being told such negative things about myself previously I realised I was a 'people person', my whole reason for doing this, is to help other people! It's something I love! 

After my course I was back at work full time, my plan for the future for Personal Training was to help people after work or on a weekend. 

However work took its toll on my mental health again and I ended up going off sick. I was also told my a doctor I had reactive depression from my fall, which is like PTSD. I felt like a failure having to go to the doctors again but she was absolutely lovely and made me realise I was allowed to ask for help! 

Fast forward to now, I've now reduced my hours and gone part time at work. I felt this was the best thing for my mental health. I lose a lot by doing this, but what's better, your health or money? 

I'm now the strongest I've ever been, in my mind and in my body. I've made the right decision with work and with my PT. I'm determined to help other people get stronger in their mind and bodies too. 


This is my story on why and how I became a Personal Trainer.

I just want to point out that I couldn't have done this without my amazing family and friends.

They've been so supportive and I'm very very lucky to have them! 

🧡 If I can do this, you can too 🧡